Koko Hotel

Inspired by
heritage, glamour,
and sophistication.


The experience of magical adventure is a key theme that runs throughout the project and makes the entire journey inside the building feel unique and modern: the ability to ascend and descend all three new buildings and the theatre.

A sense of discovery and surprise that has therefore created a new set of relationships between visitors and the building.

perfect harmony

the suites

The scheme will be comprised of three terraced properties (10-12, 8 and 6 Kentish Town Road), which will be redeveloped into 23  hotel rooms, 5 apartments, F&B space and retail.

The hotel rooms will be on the upper floors of 10-12. The apartments will be on the upper floors of 8 and 6. The ground and lower ground will be F&B, with the exception of a retail unit at 6.

Historic charm,
MODERN lifestyle

The Amenities

The ground-floor restaurant and bar provide world-class culinary ventures, attracting both artists and high-profile guests. The inviting lounge area offers a stylish and comfortable setting, appealing to discerning guests seeking relaxation and socialization. Additionally, the private dining lounge caters to exclusive events and private functions, making KOKO memorable for its exclusive and luxurious decoration and striking design.

MODERN lifestyle,
Historic charm